Dogs and Cats Comb Brush

$29.00 CAD


January Dental Month Offer

🐾【Effortless Cleaning】After brushing your pet, simply press the button to retract the bristles, allowing for quick and easy hair removal from the brush, ensuring it's ready for the next use. Boasting a strong and durable design, this brush will be your go-to grooming tool for years to come.

🐾【Tangle-Free Solution】Our Slicker Brush expertly detangles knots, eliminates dander, and removes trapped dirt from your pet's fur, keeping them looking their best.

🐾【Ideal for All Fur Types】Designed to gently remove loose hair, this versatile brush is perfect for pets of all sizes and hair types, whether they shed heavily or have a light shedding coat.

🐾【Grooming Made Easy】Efficiently tackle nasty mats in your pet's fur and maintain their coat's health and appearance with this easy-to-use grooming brush.