PVC Bathtub For Small And Large Pets

$36.00 CAD


January Dental Month Offer

🐾【Accommodates All Sizes】Available in 8 different sizes to perfectly accommodate pets of all shapes and sizes, ranging from the smallest at 30 x 10 cm to the largest at 120 x 30 cm.

🐾【Sturdy & Durable PVC】Constructed with high-quality PVC material, our pet bathtub is built to last.

🐾【Easy Cleaning】Designed with convenience in mind, the PVC bathtub is easy to clean and maintain, keeping your pet's bathing area hygienic and fresh.

🐾【Safe & Comfortable】The non-slip PVC surface ensures a secure footing for your pet, reducing the risk of slips and falls during bath time, while the carefully crafted design provides maximum comfort.